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मानव अधिकार तथा जन स्वास्थ्य मञ्च - नेपाल

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  • Introduction


    Forum for Human Rights and Public Health-Nepal (Friendship-Nepal) is a non-profitable independent public organization working in the area of Human Rights, Child Rights, Child Education, Environment and margins. Mainly we prioritize HIV/AIDS and drug abuses. Friendship-Nepal is officially registered in 2006AD in the authorized office. The current Friendship-Nepal team including social workers, human rights activist, Community Health Worker, teachers and journalists. It is dedicated to conduct its programs in the urban and rural where the need of such program is more significant than in the urban areas.

    Main focus of the organization

    Health is Human Right so HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse needed to be addressed from the rights based perspective. For this our organization is disseminating information about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse as well as make able to know them that HIV/AIDS being spread through sharing of injection , mainly focusing adult children as the pillar of nation.

    Vision of our organization

    Friendship-Nepal aims to preserve basic rights to health. We work to establish healthy society through social justice, public health awareness and respect of human rights where social, cultural, economic, civil and social justice reveals and lives with respect and dignity.

    Mission of our organization

    Friendship-Nepal engages health workers in the realization of health-related human rights to promote justice, equity and inclusion to ensure the health rights of marginalized people.

    To establish healthy society by fostering health security.
    To finance the children who can’t afford their basic education.
    To inform the adult students, about HIV/AIDS and drug abuses.
    To ensure the health and education rights for the most disadvantage children.
    To expand mutual relationship with the national and international organizations related to health and education.

    Major Activities

    Promote fundamental right to health prioritizing on children and marginalized people
    Spread out awareness about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse among school going adult children
    Dissemination of health information, a need for a comprehensive and portable directory on the public health facilities.
    In 2009 friendship Nepal had conducted an information programs in 75 schools about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse in Kathmandu valley including three district kathmandu, Bhaktpur and lalitpur.
    The organization is planning to carry out the information program about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse in the school of rural areas in 2011.
    Press conference in partnership with NEHA on the occasions of world suicide prevention day 2010.
    Friendship -Nepal is disseminating information about HIV/AIDS around the country through more than sixty independent networks with the help of Nepalbani Radio Network, a non-profitable network affiliating more than sixty networks, in November and December 2010.